Transport services are available for all road moveable consignments including:

  • Crane equipment machinery & plant transporters up to 44tonnes/44000kgs
  • 13.5meter flat, curtain side and box articulated vehicles up to 44tonnes/44000kgs
  • Furniture/goods removal vehicles 3500kg up to 18000kg
  • Vehicle recovery transport includes full lift, spec and slide & tilt options
  • Plant transporters up to 50tonnes/50000kgs
  • Specialist transport includes boats, forklifts and other equipment

If you need it moved, we can arrange it, just call 020 8874 8055 or email us at for a quote.


With the ever increasing demand for the retention of paper records, Space2Store can offer an economic answer to your archiving requirements.

From 1 to 1000 archive boxes, no consignment is too large or too small.

Security Shredding

We now offer the availability of our security shredding services making Space2Store the one stop answer to archiving storage and management.